Yodelcourse Blog How I get started with thunderstruck ii

How I get started with thunderstruck ii

Hi all, this is Mike here I wanted to share my experience how I got involved in this online casino game which is quite obvious here. My neighbor Mr. Richard was going for a morning walk and I also joined him, after a long discussion that morning I came to know about this so here I am that was my starting point but now I am a good player not which seems like an achievement in my gaming standard.

Thunderstruck II Slot is the new improved version, and for those who are considered as fresher in this field, the paylines have gone up to a whopping 243! This is quite amazing. In this new improved version, the interesting part is free spins Bonus and Great Hall of Spins. Now-a-days this new experience is also available on mobile version as well so your chances to get bored at times decreases.

To get those free spins and wins you are supposed to load new triggers, in this version the characters are as it is but there are quite remarkable graphics. This is jammed with exciting features and great chances to win and to say about bonus which are available known as Wild Storm. This is one of the most exciting casino games available from Microgaming.

After playing this I would definitely deliver a message to my subordinates that if you are free in your home and getting bored, you should try once to play thunderstruck II so let’s get started with this and hoping a big win this Christmas. Now days I am working on cheat codes so that I can know increase my winning percentage and guess what I am planning to beat Mr. Richard this summer which would be a gold status for me.

Although I am having a good experience with this sort of lovely slot and hoping the same for you as well, Best of Luck cheers.

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